UPDATED: Outlook for winter weather now available

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UPDATED: Now contains summary for September, October and November, with outlook for December, January and February

If you already didn’t know, November 2018 was cold and wet; a repeat of October.  As a result of being wet and cold, November was also stormy and windy.  See all the details in the attached final report for fall and the outlook for winter (updated).

October 2018 review with November and fall / winter outlook

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In a nutshell, October was cool and slightly wet (with the exception of the north which remained dry). 

October was cool enough for unseasonably early snowfalls to accumulate for various parts of the province (not just the north!) in the second half of the month.

See all the details in the attached final report for October and the outlook for fall/winter.

September 2018 Review, October and Fall Outlook

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From Jill Maepea, Environment and Climate Change Canada:

The above normal temperatures from July and August were replaced by temperatures near normal for September.  September was also dry as precipitation for the month was below to well below normal. 

See all the details in the attached final report for September and the outlook for fall.

August 2018 weather review and outlook for fall (Updated)

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From Jill Maepea of Environment and Climate Change Canada, here is the August review with an outlook for fall.

August mimicked July very closely with hot and humid conditions prevailing across the province. The main exception was a bit more precipitation mainly in the form of thunderstorms and showers (some of which were severe).