Campobello Island repeater on air

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2023/06/21 - 17:55

The  VE9GMI (146.955 -)  is now in operation on Campobello Island, with CTCSS set to 151.4 Hz.  The Bunker Hill location replaces the former Grand Manan Island site, which was decomissioned.  As of June 20, the repeater is "stand alone" but will be linkable in the near future, as part of the South West Zone.

Because of its location, this repeater is one of the first to require users to transmit a CTCSS (PL tone) of 151.4, so be sure to check your radio settings if using this repeater - tone must be turned "on" and set to 151.4 Hz.  The Tait TB7100 repeater is also transmitting a CTCSS of 151.4, so you can optionally turn on TSQL to avoid local interference on 146.955.  For more information about sub-audible tones, visit this page.

Thanks go out to folks at DTI Radio Communications branch!