UPDATE: VE1BM (Fredericton 147.120) repeater repaired; VE1XI (Doaktown 146.910) is off the air

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2019/12/23 - 20:11

As of Friday, January 3 2020,  the VE1BM (Fredericton 147.120) repeater has been repaired.  Thanks go out to the Radio Communications Group of Dept of Transportation and Infrastructure for their help!

VE1XI (Doaktown 146.910) is off the air for repairs as of this date also. We'll keep you up-to-date on any change.

Grand Manan VE9GMI repeater now linked

Submitted by admin on Sun, 2013/07/07 - 10:22

The Grand Manan VE9GMI Repeater (146.955 -) is now available to the IRG system.  The repeater is normally hard-linked to the South West Zone (including Pleasant Ridge and Maces Bay) when not linked to the entire system.  Individual linking from zone to zone throughout the entire system is still being programmed, and we will provide updates as this progresses.

All IRG repeaters are now linked to the network, with the exception of Stanley VE9NRV.  Due to site limitations, Stanley is not planned for network linking at this time, but operates as a stand-alone repeater.