Links to official COVID-19 information (updated November 26)

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Links to official COVID-19 information, including links to the latest official Proclamation and Mandatory Order, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), WorkSafe NB, and other links (bilingual links / liens bilingues).

As of November 27, people travelling into New Brunswick, including all of the Atlantic provinces, are required to self-isolate for 14 days unless exempt. Registration for travel into New Brunswick, including New Brunswickers returning home from travel, is also now mandatory. Travellers must register at Failure to register can result in penalties.

Zone 1 (South East NB), Zone 2 (South West NB) and Zone 3 (Fredericton - Central NB) are at ORANGE level.

Government of New Brunswick news release November 26:

October 2020 Review, November 2020 and Winter Outlook

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October temperatures were near normal  (-0.2 C) in comparison with the 30-year climate normal (1981-2010) for the province.  Precipitation in October was also near normal with 102 % of the 30-year climate normal despite being highly variable across the province. We finally recorded (just barely!) a month in 2020 with above normal precipitation.

A real-time radio journey through the Apollo 13 mission

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Looking for something to do while waiting out COVID-19 at home? You can listen - in real time - as three NASA astronauts experienced REAL isolation, and relied on radio to get them through their disaster. This website replays the Apollo 13 mission as it happened, 50 years ago. It consists entirely of historical material, all timed to Ground Elapsed Time--the master mission clock. Footage of Mission Control, film shot by the astronauts, and television broadcasts transmitted from space have been painstakingly placed to the very moments they were shot during the mission, as has every photograph taken, and every word spoken.

More new amateurs!

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The University of New Brunswick Amateur Radio Club (VE9UNB) has just graduated another group of new amateurs.

According to Brent Peterson (VE9EX), “Ten amateur radio exams were passed today (January 17, 2019) at the University of New Brunswick, one advanced, five basic with honours, and four basic, bringing the cumulative number passed to 143 since June 20, 2010.

Congratulations to the VE9UNB club and VE9EX for the fine work helping new amateurs obtain their qualification.  We look forward to hearing the new amateurs on the air soon!

VE1KRE is back on the air!

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Thanks to some help from some local amateurs, long-time IRG member Keith Estey, VE1KRE is back on the air from his new home at the York Care Centre.  Keith is well known for his net control duties on the Miramichi Area VHF Net on the IRG on Wednesday nights.

With help of Scott Arnold VE1CSA and Al Thurber VE1RG, Keith has an antenna installed for his 2m radio so he can reach some local repeaters and keep in touch with friends on the air.  Give Keith a shout on the VE1BM or VE9FNB repeaters.

Helping hands help hams

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"Fine business" is the best way to say it, after some help from the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club and IRG members put Jim Noseworthy VE1HJN back on the air. Some deck renovations required the antenna to be moved and so helping hands worked today (June 23) to put Jim back on the air. Good work everyone!