Links to official COVID-19 information (updated February 26)

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Links to official COVID-19 information, including links to the latest official Proclamation and Mandatory Order, Updated N.B. Recovery Plan / Plan de rétablissement du N.-B., Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), WorkSafe NB, and other links.

Latest highlights:
- All zones are currently at the ORANGE level.
- The changes to the Orange level, effective at midnight February 26, include:
- Travel between Orange zones will be permitted and residents may include people from other Orange zones in their steady 10 contacts.
- Visits will be allowed in hospitals, as per regional health authority policy and guidance.
- Compassionate travel exemptions, with Public Health preapproval, will be extended to people living outside New Brunswick who are entering the province to attend a funeral, with public health guidelines in place, including a mandatory five-day self-isolation and a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.
Government of New Brunswick news release February 26:

Link to comparison summary of Lockdown - Red - Orange - recovery levels (updated 29 January 2021)

Exercise Synergy Challenge 2021 planned for October 2021

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The two day event on October 6-7 will involve hundreds of participants from dozens of National, Provincial, Local and other organizations, to deal with a simulated cyber-attack on the power grid which will impact the PLNGS. Initial planning is still underway by organizations on what their part in the exercise will be. Amateur radio plays a part in the NB Power / NB EMO emergency response plan, and this exercise will be a chance to test and evaluate the established EMO emergency plans.

January 2021 review and February (winter/spring) outlook NB

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January 2021 was very warm and very dry.

January temperature and precipitation anomalies were much above and below normal respectively  (+4.6 C and 44%) in comparison with the 30-year climate normal (1981-2010) for the province. 

Climate extreme for the month: All sites recorded their top 8th warmest January’s ever, yet no daily maximum temperature records were broken

Helping hands help hams

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"Fine business" is the best way to say it, after some help from the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club and IRG members put Jim Noseworthy VE1HJN back on the air. Some deck renovations required the antenna to be moved and so helping hands worked today (June 23) to put Jim back on the air. Good work everyone!