Student “makers” share some soldering resources

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2023/11/08 - 08:40

We recently got a great note from Grace Coleman, activity director for a school Technology Club in New Hampshire, who wanted to share some information from one of their student volunteeers:

“... For the month of November we will be hosting a special Makerspace workshop. We did this last winter and it was a huge hit within our community. Allowing kids to tinker teaches them what's working and what's not, and they have to try different tactics to solve problems. Kids learn to experiment, accept failures, make improvements, and develop the resiliency they need to try and try again. We're working on some simple electronics projects right now, involving soldering techniques. You listed some wonderful websites to share with the group -- we really appreciate it!

And to pay it forward, my student volunteer Brendan asked me to send you this guide to Soldering Metal, Gold, and Circuits:

Thanks to Brendan for the great list of soldering resources, and good luck to all the makers!  And remember, amateur radio is a great hobby for makers and tinkerers!