Weather Stations

Submitted by ve9sma on Wed, 2023/11/15 - 16:31

I expect to be able to join more nets when I retire (in a month), including the weather net. My question is: what are people using for a weather station? My old station got damaged by racoons, so I will be looking for something new and much more modern and feature rich. I have found very little locally so may need to search online. I'd like something with a color display, an anemometer, rain guage, humidity, wind chill, temp etc. A wifi connected one might be preferable. I have not had a lot of success finding anything near what I want locally. Suggestions?



Good question, but I don't know the answer.  I’ll ask some morning on the weather net and publish the results here later.

Personally, I don’t use a fancy weather station, just an old cheap electronic hi-low outdoor thermometer, with an outside wire probe.  I estimate wind speed and direction by looking at the waves, smoke, flags, trees (hint:  do a search for “Beaufort scale” on this site.)  I measure the rain in a four-inch manual funnel-type gauge approved by CoCoRaHS and Environment Canada, and measure the snow with a meter stick on a 16x24 white painted snow-board.

Sometimes I cross-check my readings on a nearby electronic station set up on-line by our watershed group, it’s a RainWise Mark III with a cellular data connection, so very pricey. Most of my data is  manual old-school readings.

One thing to look for is the ability to be able to get “last 24 hour” readings.  Some of them just reset at midnight every night, and what it calls “yesterday” might include data from 30 hours ago when we do the net at 7:30.  We prefer the last 24 hours data from near the 7:30 a.m. net time.

Like I say, I’ll ask around and put a few suggestions here at a later date.


I still my 1st weather station, wx-200 from Radio Shack

It connects to the internet and reports to Aprs

I have used the Weather Display software from Win95 upto Win 10

I have replaced the temp probe once and everything works after all these years...aprox 15 and counting

Over 1000 for a davis vantage pro2 hard to invest that much on a fixed income, hihi