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Radio repair.

Submitted by ve9boo on Wed, 2023/04/12 - 13:46

Is there ANYONE in the Atlantic area that works on ham gear? I have a Yaesu FT 1000 MP with a slight transmit issue. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I an located in Cross Creek NB but can ship.I am getting rather despirate. Thanks Oh and BTW my emal has changed to

Thanks 73s all


A new YSF repeater is available to parts of southwestern NB...

Submitted by w1dlo on Wed, 2021/12/01 - 21:35

This new YSF (Yaesu System Fusion) repeater is located on Cooper Hill in Cooper, Maine (Same location as the more well known 147.330+ FM analog repeater).  It should give pretty good coverage throughout most of Charlotte County.  It is hard connected to Wires-X room #62148 (UFB New England).

The repeater's callsign ID is "KV1B" and it's a mixed mode YSF digital / FM analog system.  Using the digital side, it is linked to many other YSF repeaters around Maine.  Using the analog side, it is a standalone non-linked repeater.  From here, I'll try to keep it simple...

IRG vote results as NB Rep April 2020

Submitted by ve9mtv on Sun, 2021/03/28 - 20:33

Here are the results of the vote  for IRG as our NB representative.

4  CLUBS                    YES:   4        NO:   0

53  AMATEURS      YES :  45       NO :   8

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