Highlights of the September 2013 IRG Meeting

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2013/09/23 - 10:44

The IRG Fall Meeting was held on Sunday, September 22 at Kingsclear Rec Centre, with about 20 members present. Some of the highlights:


  • Ground-breaking agreements have been signed with the IRG, Department of Health, and the two hospital corporations on providing back-up communications to health care with IRG members and  other amateur volunteer operators.  More on this to come!
  • Members heard reports on the repeater system upgrades and ongoing work to restore the linking now that hardware upgrade and reconfiguration has been completed;
  • Members heard of the ongoing discussions to have amateurs excluded from the restrictive New Brunswick legislation on distracted drving.  Work is ongoing on this issue;
  • There was notice given of constitutional changes to be dealt with at the April meeting, including term limits of office for IRG officers, and more flexible expiry dates for membership.  wording on this will be sent to members prior to the next meeting.
  • Work towards a larger, more comprehensive Hamfest or Amateur Convention for the Maritimes;
  • The  spring meeting date has been set for April 27, 2014 in Doaktown.