Travelling this summer? Try out our new repeaters.

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2022/07/23 - 15:13

If you're roaming the roads this summer, there are a couple of new frequencies to add to your repeater list:  Grand Lake (145.190 -) and Mount Carleton Park (147.120 +).

Grand Lake (VE9GLA 145.190 -) was added in December 2019.  This repeater is location on Hardwood Ridge, just north-east of Minto.  This is the same frequency previously assigned to the former Chipman repeater, but there is no PL tone required.

Added in January 2021 was Mount Carleton Park (VE9MCP 147.120 +) . The new solar-powered site is near the park headquarters and will provide additional improved coverage in northern New Brunswick.  You may already have it programmed -- it's the same frequency as Fredericton's VE1BM repeater.

Grand Lake is linked to Stanley (VE9NRV 147.030), and Mount Carleton is stand-alone, but you never know who might be listening locally, so give a shout-out! Planning is taking place for a future reconfiguration to add them to existing zones.

These latest additions bring the total number of IRG repeaters to twenty-seven (27), grouped in 9 zones, with a link to the Nova Scotia and PEI MAVCOM system.  A system diagram is available at the Network tab on this site (not yet updated with these two repeaters).  Current IRG members can access a map with linking codes by logging in on the web site.

We'd also appreciate any signal or operational reports on these or any other repeaters, just send us a note via our Contact Form.