Surprise EMO Exercise Net Held

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2021/02/04 - 17:30

An impromptu EMO Exercise Net was hold at 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 4, 2021, the one-year anniversary of the EMO declaring a state of emergency as a result of the Covd-19 pandemic.

Dennis VE9AAE reported 45 participants checking in on VHF and Al VE1RG reported 12 checking in on 3.730 on 80 m.  During the net, an e-mail was sent to all those on the IRG contact list to alert them of the ongoing net.

There was a real-time issue with a regular cycling noise which caused several repeaters to time-out during the net, but that eventually went away.  It demonstrates that situations can arise during an emergency which requires cool heads to prevail, and to work with the problem, and not add to it.