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IRG vote results as NB Rep April 2020

Submitted by ve9mtv on Sun, 2021/03/28 - 20:33

Here are the results of the vote  for IRG as our NB representative.

4  CLUBS                    YES:   4        NO:   0

53  AMATEURS      YES :  45       NO :   8

If anyone wants to read the comments you can e-mail me at

and i will send them to you via e-mail.

No names are mentionned in the comments. 73 de VE9MTV


PC Operating Systems

Submitted by ve1csa on Fri, 2020/09/25 - 13:16

Hello Friends! :)   I do a ton of PC work, and I test operating systems.  If anyone could use my 40+ years experience in IT, I would be more than glad to assist if I can help at all.  On my PC in the Shack, I'm running "Linux Mint:  Cinnamon Version".  It blows windows to kingdom come!!  I'm wayyy back in Linux again :)

If I can assist, please email me at