New web site location -

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2018/01/24 - 20:16

Welcome to the new IRG web site!   We're making it easier to find the things you want, and to view and update your membership status.  Extra members-only content will appear for logged-in members.  Make sure you save   as your new IRG bookmark.

Not everything has been transferred to the new site yet, but more will be coming in the weeks ahead.  If there is something you want to have on this site, let us know. 

Old site users take note:  The original IRG web site  ( ) has a members' area that was the "Facebook" of its day, with photo albums, chat rooms and other "new" stuff back then. Not many members use those features now -- we can't compete with, Facebook, Twitter or other commercial sites.   We won't be carrying some parts of these member pages forward.  The old site will remain accessible for a while, but you should try to save any personal information from there that you want before it disappears.

Special thanks to Brian Upton VE1RF, who holds title to many of the IRG repeater call signs, for use of ve9irg as the domain name for this new site.  Be sure to update your bookmarks to the new site,

The goal is to make it easier to join or renew, sign up for newsletters, and get fast information about IRG activities.  Check back for updates!