Special IRG Nets during state of emergency


Daily special IRG Nets in support of the current State of Emergency will be held once per day, at 1700 hrs daily on the complete IRG system.  Once all calls have been logged on the IRG system, a similar HF net will be held on 80 meters, the exact frequency to be announced on the IRG net.  All amateurs are encouraged to check in.  Please follow the instructions of the Net Control Station as the process may change depending on the circumstances. 


The Minister of Public Safety (N.B.) declared a provincial State of Emergency on 19 March 2020, and amended it on 25 March 2020.

The Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been activated to Level 3, and all Regional EOCs and over 100 municipal EOCs have activated to various degrees.  In order to reduce the chance of spread of disease, many EOC supporting agencies are operating from home or isolated locations,  including the Emergency Measures Communications Group (EMCG).

The EMCG and the IRG system supports all EOCs in the event back-up communications are needed due to outages in telephone, internet or other radio systems.  Although the current event is not expected to be a communication emergency, radio amateurs are standing by to help should the need arise.  Given the circumstances, even amateurs at home can play a vital role.

The response  of amateurs by checking into these special nets has been excellent, and we encourage this to continue.

Further information

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