Kintore Mtn. back in link

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2023/01/18 - 17:50

After a day or two of not being in the linked audio with other repeaters, Kintore Mountain VE9KMT 147.060 (-) is back in proper operation.  Thanks for the help from RadComm branch of DTI for the help in fixing this issue.

Link audio problem - North East and East Zones

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2022/11/25 - 17:20

UPDATED:  Good news, we are advised that the problem has been resolved as of Friday afternoon. Previous message follows:

There is a problem with audio not always being passed from East and NorthEast zones to other zones when linked.  I.e. when linked, users in Moncton or Bathurst can hear audio from others around the province, and can hear each other, but others cannot hear them - users on the "other side" of the province only hear a silent carrier.

Grand Manan Island repeater to be relocated

Submitted by admin on Tue, 2022/11/15 - 19:12

The VE9GMI repeater (146.955-) repeater is off the air, and will be relocated to Campobello Island when scheduling permits.

Other services at the Airport Road site were moved to a privately owned tower with the start of the NB-TMR Radio system in 2016.    We were fortunate to be able to have the repeater remain active at the old site until it was removed on November 10, and the old site will be decommissioned.

Issues on Stanley Zone

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2022/01/17 - 08:17

There are a couple of quirks still to work out and users may notice:

  • Occasional audio drop-outs from Stanley and Grand Lake repeaters
  • Difficulty bringing "all links on" to full system from Stanley and Grand Lake repeaters

New repeater added to IRG system - Grand Lake VE9GLA

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2021/12/30 - 20:46


The new Grand Lake repeater has been added to the IRG linking system.  VE9GLA has a frequency of 145.190 (minus offset).  The repeater is located on Hardwood Ridge, and is now included in the Stanley Zone in the linking system.  Users can use the regular codes to link to or from Stanley Zone for contact within Grand Lake area.

The repeater was installed in December 2019 and was operating with good coverage as a stand-alone repeater.  With its hard-link to Stanley, VE9GLA adds a wider area coverage to central New Brunswick.