CANWARN NB Net Preamble

Action Script Comments
Prepare preamble, worksheets, forecasts and radio as required      
All links on shortly before net time.     

Introduce Net

This is station Victor Echo Nine Whiskey Zulu Foxtrot, CANWARN New Brunswick. 

  Is there any emergency or priority traffic before I begin this Net?  [Listen for at least 5 seconds]
  This is VE9WZF, CANWARN New Brunswick on the International Repeater Group System, the IRG.   
  CANWARN has been activated at the request of the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre of Environment Canada [Provide more details if needed]
  The Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network was formed to help Environment Canada track adverse weather conditions by relaying reports from amateur radio observers   
  The system is supported by Environment Canada, the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, and by the members of the International Repeater Group.  
  Net control for this session is [___], my location is [___] and my usual call sign is [___].   
  This is a controlled net and a working net, not a social net.  But any station with emergency traffic and emergency traffic only should call in at any time using your call sign and the word "emergency".   
OPTIONAL for local severe WX First we will outline the weather warnings issued, and then I will call for stations with any reports of severe weather or specific observations.  Only those stations with the severe weather criteria specified should call in unless I request otherwise.  [refer to EC warnings] [Use for local items such as tornado, hail sotorm etc]
Remind of items to report We are looking for reports of the following items only: [List off the items for the worksheet for the event]  
Invite stations Any stations with these items to report, call in now [Repeat as required] [Record data]
End net Thanks for your reports, which will help Environment Canada with its forecasting.  The net will return at [_time__] unless conditions require the net to be called sooner.  
Unlink repeaters    
Send data to ASPC