Link audio problem - North East and East Zones

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2022/11/25 - 17:20

UPDATED:  Good news, we are advised that the problem has been resolved as of Friday afternoon. Previous message follows:

There is a problem with audio not always being passed from East and NorthEast zones to other zones when linked.  I.e. when linked, users in Moncton or Bathurst can hear audio from others around the province, and can hear each other, but others cannot hear them - users on the "other side" of the province only hear a silent carrier.

The issue was intermittent at first, but has become more common.  One temporary work-around may be for any user from North East or East Zone to send the all link on code, although this has not always been effective.  A work order has been submitted, and we will update if and when the problem has been solved.