June 2020 review and July (summer) outlook NB

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2020/07/03 - 10:19

After a month of May that saw climate extremes ranging from record snowfalls to record heat, June kept up the climate extremes and brought more record heat and record drought. 

Four sites surpassed their all-time maximum temperatures and several sites also reported their driest or top 5 driest month on record.

In terms of temperature, June was warmer (+1.3 C) than the 30-year climate normal (1981-2010) for the province.  It could have been a lot warmer but a cool start to the month offset the record heat.

Precipitation was scarce and June was much drier (31 %) than the 30-year climate normal.

See all the details in the attached final report for June and an outlook for July 2020 from Jill Maepea, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist / Client Service Operations Atlantic, Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada.