CANWARN New Brunswick

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CANWARN involves an active group of people that spot and report on severe weather. It was originally formed as a network of weather-trained ham radio operators across Ontario, and has since spread to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and into Atlantic Canada. The network now includes a growing team of other formally trained severe-weather spotters, from members of the Canadian Red Cross to government and provincial park staff.

CANWARN offers an active program for weather spotters, and augments its effectiveness and level of participation by providing occasional opportunities for them to meet, exchange slides, and share stories and training tips.

During severe weather events, designated net controllers will activate the CANWARN Net on all or part of the IRG Network, as directed by Environment Canada. Reports are passed along to the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre of Environment Canada.  The CANWARN Net is a service net: follow instructions of the Net Controllers during a CANWARN net. The type and severity of the weather event will mandate how the net operates during the activation. 

CANWARN New Brunswick was implemented in January 1994 and has proven to be a very successful way of getting vital information to the Weather Office in a timely fashion.

No membership or training is required to participate in CANWARN New Brunswick, all amateurs are encouraged to provide the requested weather observations during an activation.  Resources are available to make you a better weather spotter, see the links below.

Purpose of CANWARN

  • To supplement the network of regular weather observing sites across the province of New Brunswick during severe weather conditions
  • To have a better idea of the evolution of winter and summer severe weather storms so that more accurate forecasts can be made and lives and property protected.

CANWARN New Brunswick activation

If requested by the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre, or if circumstances require, CANWARN New Brunswick  will activate on all or portion of the IRG  system.  A net controller will give instructions as to how the net will operate and what information is required.  Remember, a CANWARN activation means it is a directed, working net, and not a social gathering.  Please stay in listen mode only unless you have something to report as requested by the Net Control Station.

Each net will be different depending on the type of weather event, so listen to the Net Control Station carefully and report only the items they are asking for. 

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