Exercise Synergy Challenge 2021 planned for October 2021

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2021/02/10 - 16:18

In October 2021, New Brunswick Power (NB Power) will host a full scale nuclear emergency response field exercise called “Synergy Challenge 2021at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station (PLNGS) , in partnership with the Province of New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NBEMO) and supported by regional, provincial, and federal institutions.

The two day event on October 6-7 will involve hundreds of participants from dozens of National, Provincial, Local and other organizations, to deal with a simulated cyber-attack on the power grid which will impact the PLNGS.  Initial planning is still underway by organizations on what their part in the exercise will be.

Amateur radio plays a part in the NB Power / NB EMO emergency response plan, and this exercise will be a chance to test and evaluate the established EMO emergency plans relating to Amateur Radio, and to simulate some scenarios that might arise with this specific simulated situation.

Amateur radio operators will be invited to participate.  Depending on the phase of COVID-19 recovery  in October, operators will be needed to activate at Emergency Operation Centres (EOCs), or at alternate locations, such as from home.

Those who might be interested in participating should indicate via the Contact Form.  More details will be passed along as we get closer to October 2021.