IRG 2015 Annual Meeting Highlights

Submitted by admin on Tue, 2015/04/28 - 09:30

The annual meeting of the IRG was held in Doaktown on Sunday, April 26, 2015 and was attended by about 30 members and guests.  Here are some highlights of the meeting:

  • Members observed a minute of silence in remembrance of "silent keys";
  • A committee was formed to make recommendations on constitutional changes to implement staggered terms for IRG officers elections;
  • Hardware upgrades will be sought to repair the intermittent linking problems;
  • Jason Cooling and Duane Augustine from EMO were welcomed to the meeting, and spoke on EMO's renewed faith in amateur radio "when all else fails" as was seen in Hurricane Arthur and other recent events;  It was agreed that we would strengthen our good relationship with EMO and other served agencies;
  • A proposed logo for the IRG was distributed, and an invitation was extended for other designs to be approved at a later date;
  • The next hospital network exercise will be held off until all hardware is in place, there are still some antennae to replace when weather is more favourable;
  • Members were given a "heads-up" on a major exercise planned for November in relation to Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station;
  • Election of officers was held, and Francis Pitre VE9FCP was elected President, Yvon Hachey VE1VON is now Vice-President, and Rick MacMillan VE9MTB remains as Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Everyone enjoyed the pot luck and some were lucky winners of door prizes.
  • The next meeting date was tentatively set for September 27, 2015 in Upper Kingsclear (later re-scheduled to September 20);