EMCOMM Net Preamble and Procedures

Preamble and Net Procedures- EMCOMM NET

(What to say)

(For Net Controller Info)
  Have ready your script and list of repeaters, spare paper and pencil or pen. 
  You can usually find any repeater outages listed on the web site.
  Linking:  Send ALL LINKS ON code.  Wait for system confirmation, which is different depending on where you start from.  If unsure if all links are enabled, send link codes again or ask for confirmation before starting.
Calling all stations to the IRG EMCOMM NET.  Your Net Control Station this evening is VE___ - my Name is _______ and I am located in ______. Try to start on time.
Is there any emergency traffic before we start this net? Pause for 5 seconds.  See later notes about using consistent pauses.
The EMCOMM Net is heard every Thursday night at 2100 hours on the International Repeater Group system. The purpose of this net is to promote and practice emergency communications for the amateur radio operators, and to test the IRG repeater system.  
We also have a training topic for tonight, the subject is on ______ Optional.  Try to keep it less than 10 minutes. 
This is a controlled net, and stations will be invited to check in from the repeaters as called by Net Control. When your repeater is called, please give your call sign and name only.  Please use full phonetics for your call sign.  You can check in as many times as you like, using whatever repeaters you can reach when they are called.  
If you have any comments on EMCOMM issues, we will take them at the end of the net.  

You can download a map of the repeaters and frequencies from  ve9irg.net, look for the "Network" tab.

Are there any announcements? [pause 5 seconds]

We will now invite stations by repeater, starting with:  [your choice of where to start] .

Please give your call sign, and name ONLY.

Always good to start at a random spot so the same people are not always left to the end.
We will start tonight with ... [ chosen zone or repeater ]  
[Announce repeater, area, repeater call sign and frequency] Best practice is to announce the repeater name, call  sign, location and frequency, this gives stations a chance to get there.  Example:  "We will now move to the Skiff Lake Repeater, VE9IRG, serving the Canterbury area,  145.370, are there any stations on the Skiff Lake Repeater?"   
  [You can devise your own method for keeping track, whatever works best for you]

I acknowledge .... [call signs and names]

Is there anyone else on the ____ repeater?

After a few seconds of silence, acknowledge the call signs and name that you got, and then it's good to just give one short second call on each repeater, then move on.  
  DO NOT JUMP IN if someone doubles or you miss someone, you will interrupt the flow and you will likely double with others calling in, which wastes time.  Mark down who you did get, then call again after a pause -- the ones you missed will eventually come back. It is a NET, not a contest. 
  Always allow a few seconds - i.e. count to yourself for four or five seconds, but be consistent.  Stations will start to get used to knowing how long they have to key up and it will prevent most doubling if you allow consistent pauses.
We will now move to .... Continue on with next repeaters.
  You do NOT need to announce your own call sign and name, net name, etc with your every transmission.  This reinforces a bad habit that should not take place during emergency nets or exercises.  Once every ten minutes (or even 30) is plenty.
We will now take any stations who may have joined us in progress, or who wish to try another repeater After all repeaters have been called up.
Please give me your call sign, name, AND the repeater you are using. Take your time here, remember, DON'T JUMP IN, count to five, etc.
[optional]  We will now have a training topic .... Try to keep it 10 minutes or less.
  Remember to unkey every three minutes to prevent time-outs.

Are there any comments, and please restrict your comments to the topic of emergency communications. 

Any last callers, please give me your call sign, name, AND the repeater you are using.  

Thank you for joining us tonight. For information on the International Repeater group or how to become a member, please visit the web site,  ve9irg.net.

The EMCOMM NET will be back next Thursday  at 21:00 hrs and the Net Control Station will be ____.



1st week Bert VE1PIN

2nd week J-P VE9BK 

3rd week Rodrick VE9HV

4th week Rick VE9MTB 

5th week (if any) Scott VE9SDH

After a short pause, I will unlink the repeaters.  This is [ your call sign ].  Wait 5 to 10 seconds, then unlink.
Updated 2023-08-18

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