IRG upgrade - July update

Earlier this spring, we notified all our contacts that changes were coming to the IRG repeater system.  Here is the latest news.

Details of work completed to date:

  • April 2023:
    • Three additional UHF stand-alone repeaters activated:
      • 442.025 (+) CTCSS= 141.3 on RX and TX - Fredericton VE1BM site
      • 443.400 (+) CTCSS = 141.3 on RX and TX - Pleasant Ridge VE1BI site
      • 442.500 (+) CTCSS = 141.3 on RX and TX - Saint John VE9STJ site
  • April 2023:
    • Automatic timed repeater IDs - disabled on April 27, 2023.
    • Clock time adjusted.
  • June 2023:
    • As of June 26, all repeaters are now transmitting CTCSS (PL tones);
      • 151.4 on VHF sites
      • 141.3 on UHF sites
    • VE9GMI reactivated, now on Campobello Island on 146.955 (-)  with CTCSS 151.4 Hz enabled on both RX and TX.  This repeater is stand-alone at this time, to be linked to South West Zone soon.
    • VE9MBY repaired at Maces Bay 444.875 (+) with CTCSS 141.3 Hz enabled on both RX and TX.
    • Audio drop-out issue repaired on Stanley Zone (VE9NRV and VE9GLA)

Special thanks go out to Gino VE9GM and Nick VE9MP and  DTI Radio Communications Branch for all the extra work involved in this upgrade.

Time to get ready for CTCSS (PL tones)

As mentioned above, all repeaters  are now transmitting CTCSS (PL Tones), and two (Campobello and Maces Bay) also now require you to transmit CTCSS to operate.  Also, the three new UHF repeaters also require CTCSS.  Check your radio manual to find out how to "turn on" your CTCSS (PL tone).   We recommend that you learn how to program your often-used frequencies along with the new CTCSS to memory channels - it will save you lots of time in the future.

The tones to program are 151.4 for the VHF repeaters, and 141.3 for the UHF repeaters.

There is no harm in setting up your radio now to transmit with the tone "on", even before your local repeater is upgraded to require it.  

So, get out your manuals and program your memory channels to include CTCSS before it's too late! 

We'll produce a new repeater directory when all the changes are implemented, but in the meantime, here is a list of all the repeaters and the CTCSS tones now in effect.   For the rationale and a complete summary of all the changes planned, visit this page:  IRG system upgrades and changes coming.

We'll keep you updated as things go along via future postings and on regular nets , so stay tuned!