IRG Weather Net to starts Monday, October 26

Another season of the IRG Weather Net starts on Monday, October 26.

The Weather Net is held every morning, seven days per week starting at 7:30 a.m. Atlantic Time.  Net control will be shared by Rick VE9MTB and Blair KB1UET.  They will gather your local observations and send them off to Environment and Climate Change Canada.  ECCC uses the reports to fine tune their predictions and issue alerts in severe weather conditions.  The reports are also used by other agencies such as River Watch and news media.

You might ask, "But don't I need a fancy electronic weather station??"  Not at all - simple manual observations are fine.  In fact, manual precipitation reports are more reliably done using simple gauges, and in most cases, snowfall can only be reliably measured by real humans.  Visibility and other observations you provide can tell the story that even ECCC's remote electronic stations do not.

For more information about how to report weather information, visit: