IRG system upgrades and changes coming

The IRG repeater system will undergo hardware and programming upgrades soon.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Replacement of linking hardware and reprogramming of repeater controllers
  • Changes in some zone configurations to allow for future expansion
  • Addition of new repeaters
  • Changes in linking codes and programming to improve reliability
  • Phase-in of CTCSS ("PL tones") on repeaters

The phase-in of CTCSS  will be done gradually, but will require users to program the correct CTCSS codes on their radios  ("PL tones").   The plan is to use 151.4 on VHF repeaters, and 141.3 on UHF repeaters.  Users should start preparing for this change now - get out your instruction manuals!

Members will be updated as the project progresses, via these e-mails and announcements on-air.   You can find out more details and keep updated on the IRG Web Site Revamp page.  Stay tuned for further news in the weeks ahead!