Exercise Brunswick Bravo 2019

Brunswick Bravo 2019 is a province-wide emergency preparedness exercise planned for October 23, 2019 in New Brunswick.  

During Wednesday, October 23, there will be periodic operations on some or all of the IRG repeaters, and the system could be in use at any time for the Exercise.  Please listen carefully for any exercise communications before making any transmissions, and users are asked to take frequent pauses to allow any exercise traffic.  Net control stations will issue any additional instructions or requests for participants during the day.

This one-day exercise will give communities, municipalities, First Nations and local service districts an opportunity to practise their respective roles during an emergency event.   The exercise scenario will be a continuation of Exercise Brunswick Alpha and revolve around a weather event unfolding across the province.  Advanced weather reporting, simulated social media, and web-based news reporting will add to the realism of the experience.

The International Repeater Group (IRG) is one of the participating agencies at the Provincial Level.  Amateur radio operators in several regions will also be participating as part of their role in regional or municipal Emergency Operation Centres.

Updates on the Exercise will be posted on the IRG website.