Failure To Bring Up All Repeaters Problem

Submitted by ve1csa on Thu, 2020/11/19 - 12:01

Hello.  I have noticed like many others that when you punch in the code for ALL LINKS ON, many times East will connect and not the West, or West comes up, but not East.  In my testing,  I have found the following.   When bringing up ALL repeaters, and you have this problem, I always punch in the ALL LINKS OFF code, 3 times, THEN punch in the ALL REPEATERS code, and it's never failed me.  Just "testing".  Hope it may work for you all.  Good luck :)  73  Stay Safe.


Well, we do what we can with what we have, and be thankful for it.  Something caught in a cache somewhere?  Would love to see a schematic of the controller.  Curious if there is one particular chip that is on it's way out RE: DTMF Handling. Given it's age, I would think there would be room for a soldering iron :)  Not like today's disposable world.  So many variables. Hope this helps some people Rick.  The kill command 3 times seems to clear whatever out....or enough voltage in that section wakes it up..who knows. Lots of fun and games. Some day, it's just going to croak, and nothing will save it short of opening it up on the OR table.. bench :)  73