Do you want the IRG to be the provincial voice for Amateur Radio?

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2019/12/30 - 08:54

The International Repeater Group is seeking input about acting as the provincial representative on behalf of radio amateurs in New Brunswick.

The former N.B. Amateur Radio Association (NBARA) has been inactive for many years, and recent attempts have not produced enough interest to re-activate the NBARA.  At the last annual meeting, members voted to have the IRG act as the spokesperson on provincial matters in the absence of an active NBARA.   At least one club has agreed to this approach and is asking other clubs to agree. We are also asking individual amateurs for their opinions.

The IRG is the largest incorporated club in the Maritimes and has members in all areas of the province, and is affiliated with Radio Amateurs of Canada.  The IRG has a long-standing working relationship with the provincial government and other served agencies.

What do you think?  Should the IRG act as the provincial body for radio amateurs in New Brunswick?

Send your opinions or comments to Mike Caissie (VE9MTV) via  e-mail at or by mail at:
Michael Caissie VE9MTV
18 Cape Breton Road
Irishtown, NB, E1H 1X2

All responses will remain anonymous and only total results will be made known at the next annual meeting of the IRG in April.  You can find more information at the web site,