Windsor (Maine) Hamfest is NOT September 22!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2019/09/12 - 13:48

Notice from ARRL HQ:  Please be aware that the Maine (Windsor) – September 22 hamfest as published in September, 2019, QST’s “Convention and Hamfest”, column on page 97 is an error.  This information from last year’s (2018) event was erroneously reprinted in this year’s QST.

The hamfest in Windsor already occurred on July 27, and the announcement was properly published in the “Convention and Hamfest” column on page 99 of July, 2019, QST.

We, at ARRL Headquarters, apologize for this error.  Thanks to Bill Crowley, K1NIT, ARRL Maine Section Manager, for notifying Headquarters of this mistake.  Any questions regarding hamfest listings can be sent to Convention and Event Coordinator Eric Casey, KC2ERC, via

Thank you.


Steve Ewald, WV1X
Supervisor, Field Organization Team